It can help you increase performance and improve user experience. Microsoft Azure work from home involves the creation of scalable software, its deployment, and azure cloud engineer testing at different stages. At Anywhere, you can access our partner training materials to get ready for your chosen Azure cloud platform certification exam.

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Depending on various specifications, you can store data as key-value pairs, documents, graphs, or other types. It allows for storing data in a non-hierarchical manner. The data must get protected from leaks and exposure at every stage of the ETL process. Stages include transformation, cleaning, and mapping of raw data. Following cleaning, the data gets loaded into a database or data warehouse. An ETL process involves extracting data from various sources and putting it into a staging area.

Azure On-Demand: Self-study Courses

The “OnBoarding” CUJ starts when customers open the app for the first time and finishes when the customer successfully opens a new bank account. It is a complicated journey because the user’s digital identity must be confirmed, and personal data is processed by Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering services. To complete the process, a lot of third parties are involved. As we adopted Prometheus and Grafana, we needed to ensure that we did this in a cost-effective manner – the two key metrics were the size of our team and the amount of data processed/stored. So we did some proof of concept using an Azure Virtual Machine (VM)  with a Docker Compose file to start both Prometheus and Grafana containers and practice with them. The solution was cheap, but managing an entire VM to run two containers wastes time.

They also work with other Azure technologies, such as Azure Functions, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure DevOps, to build, deploy, and manage data pipelines and data-driven applications. An Azure Data Engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining data management and data processing systems on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. They work with large and complex data sets and are responsible for ensuring that data is stored, processed, and secured efficiently and effectively.


Whatever wild innovations come next, you can rest assured that security will continue to be a top priority. Azure can feel more intuitive for developers with experience with Microsoft, and the integrations available in Microsoft-based enterprise environments can simplify development. This is a good first-step certification for aspiring data-focused cloud practitioners. This is the best Microsoft Azure certification for beginners. It’s a go-to starting point for anyone new to cloud or Microsoft Azure. If exam-naming made more sense, this one would be Azure 101.

Overall, becoming an Azure Data Engineer requires a combination of education, experience, and relevant skills. They should also be comfortable working with a variety of data sources and types and be able to design and implement data pipelines that can handle structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. For this certification, a candidate needs to be well-versed in creating apps for Azure and working with Azure Cosmos DB database technology.

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