Talks to Don and Sam about wisdom, action, and the power of fellowship. Jules V. talks to Don and Sam about his article in the February 2022 issue of Grapevine magazine. Discusses the changes he made in sobriety and how they affected his relationships.

What happens after 7 days of no alcohol?

Conclusion. Going 7 days alcohol free has several benefits such as better sleep, better memory function, more energy, better mental health, and much more.

Some days, it’s easy – other days, you’ll need to use every tool at your disposal to stay focused and clean. This podcast ended in July of 2021, but hundreds of episodes are still up and available to tune into. Sober Curious is a useful resource for anyone, whether you’re completely sober or are experimenting with what it means to drink less. They get honest about how they both bought into the “wine o’clock” advertising speak and how it impacted them both as women and as parents, then seek the help of others who are feeling the same. Their wellness journey brought them to “put down the Pinot” and start asking questions about how they really feel and what they really need. In fact, you might be surprised to find that parenting is a lot like recovery.

Top 10 Sobriety Podcasts

We sober folks are major beneficiaries of the podcast boom because there are so many great shows that focus on life after alcohol and drugs. This growing medium is a powerful way to hear other’s recovery stories and learn from their journey. Dr. John Mendelson is an addiction specialist and professor of medicine at UCSF. John has an extensive background in addiction treatment, operating multiple methadone clinics in the poverty stricken area of the Tenderloin in San Francisco. John has been involved in clinical trials related to MDMA, Methamphetamine, Alcohol, Suboxone, and many more. John is also CMO of the new alcohol addiction treatment program DxRx medical, which utilizes a phone app, breathalyzer, and medicine to help reduce or quit drinking.

Jes Valentine and Kate Zander are two friends who gave up drinking and started a podcast. This fairly new venture was started because they were sick of going to a bar and watching their friends get drunk. So, instead, they’re on a mission to create a community about getting sober, talking shit and, yes, drinking seltzer. That’s where listening to a great recovery podcast (or 25!) can come in. Host Arlina has been clean and sober since April 23, 1994, and is dedicated to passing on the insights, tools and teachings that have helped her on her recovery journey.

Alcoholic Ominous Podcast

Christopher M., whose article Safe & Loved appears in the July 2023 issue of Grapevine, shares with Don and Sam about finding a higher power that works for him. Raises the connection between powerlessness and anonymity; and Ed B. Each week sober house long-time AA members Don and Sam will interview a different member about their experience, strength and hope, in a casual “meeting after the meeting” manner. We are Sheri and Matt Salis, and our marriage survived active alcoholism.

Because of their demeanor, viewers have said that listening to Sober Pod feels similar to hanging out with a friend. The Bubble Hour is a podcast hosted by Jean McCarthy, an author and blogger well-known for her work in the recovery space. It offers hundreds of episodes with stories from those in sobriety and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. If you’re in the process of cutting back or quitting drinking, podcasts about sobriety can be an incredible resource.

Understanding Alcoholism with Dr. Mendelson

There are so many to choose from, and almost all of them offer empowering stories and insight that can help you along your journey. From 2015 until 2018, these two awesome women teamed up to ask the big questions of life, answered through the lens of addiction recovery. With more than 100 episodes, The Home Podcast’s archives have so much on exploring our hearts, relationships, life, love and the universe at large. For instance, a recent episode talks about the “joy of missing out” and how that can be one of the most powerful forces in recovery. Other highlights include the mindset of sobriety, the calories of alcohol and how normal drinkers view addiction. The podcast dives into what drives the addictive process, explores the latest research on addiction and talks about the latest addiction treatment options.

podcasts about alcoholism

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